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Skunk Magazine Interview with Nikki: Higher Maintenance CBD, LLC

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Nikki Johnson, Higher Maintenance LLC
Nikki Johnson

A holistic approach as described by Ellise means: “to provide support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. In helping a person get healthier, their support should also consider: physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing.”

Through Higher Maintenance LLC, Ellise offers organic plant based and plant infused products manufactured in a certified organic facility. The company is based in Indiana where Ellise founded the company and was born from her personal healing journey with plants and herbs. Higher Maintenance believes in transparency and they guarantee their premium products. All ingredients used are meticulously sourced and lab tested. Higher Maintenance LLC, offers a line of CBD infused, plant based products such as: full spectrum vegan gummies, broad spectrum vegan gummies, and full spectrum CBD tinctures.

Learn more about Ellise, the business woman, healer, doula, lobbyist, and owner of Higher Maintenance LLC, in the interview below.

Q & A with Ellise N. Johnson; Founder and Owner of Higher Maintenance LLC

You’re a multi business owner, quite the chef, and a leader in the movement toward cannabis legalization; can you provide readers with a quick view of your resume? Greetings, my name is Ellise N. Johnson, and I was born and raised in Gary, IN. I attended Indiana State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Criminology. I learned early in life the importance of “knowledge” and how to successfully apply it; I believe it is the foundation to cultivating dreams, accomplishing goals, and building wealth. I am the mother of three sons, and I currently reside in Indianapolis, IN where I have launched several successful businesses starting with: Small Wonders Daycare Centers for more than 20 years. In 2018 I committed to living naturally and holistically by adopting a vegan lifestyle and using food and herbs as natural remedies in lieu of western medicine. After healing myself, I realized I needed to help others and so, I became the/a:

  • Alkaline Electric Chef and Owner of the Alkaline Electric Goddess Restaurant in Indianapolis, In

  • Certified Culinary Cannabis Chef

  • Holistic Health Innovator

  • Cannabis Alchemist

  • Natural Beauty Alchemist

  • Doula

  • Cannabis Birth Worker

  • Spark Learning Lab Advisory Board Chair

  • Connecticut Social Equity Head Coach and Mentor

  • BCB Mastermind Cohort Participant

  • Indiana’s 1st Cannabis Restaurant License Holder

  • Indiana’s 1st mobile herbal dispensary and CBD cafe

  • Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Indiana State Director

  • Member of the Minorities in Cannabis Business Association

  • Member of the Vegas Chamber of Cannabis.

When did you launch Higher Maintenance LLC? I have been a legacy entrepreneur now for 6 years. I launched Higher Maintenance nationally during Covid after the death of my father. If I had the courage to share my cannabis use at the time, I could have made his transition easier. I hid my cannabis use for many years due to me owning multiple childcare facilities for over 25 years. I vowed to never hide my usage again and to educate as many people as possible on the use of cannabis as plant medicine. I reversed my lupus and the use of pharmaceuticals with cannabis, a vegan lifestyle, and herbs for healing. What’s the mission at Higher Maintenance LLC? To educate as many people as possible on the use of cannabis as plant medicine and the proper, responsible ways to use plant medicine in correlation with a healthy vegan lifestyle.

cbd cafe, Higher Maintenance LLC
Our Higher Maintenance CBD Cafe / Dispensary

Who are Higher Maintenance products made for and great for? Higher Maintenance products are made for people who wish to get healthier and heal with the use of cannabis. Higher Maintenance products are medicinal and made with simple organic ingredients. Many products have tons of sugar and unhealthy ingredients so for the person wanting to cut those ingredients out but still consume cannabis, Higher Maintenance is great for them. We inspire our customers to be healthy with a top tier holistic lifestyle. Higher Maintenance was launched by an educator, and someone that healed with the use of cannabis. The products are for those that truly want to clean up their diets and want to use all plants as medicine.

What product is a best seller? Our sleep gummies and tinctures!

Higher Maintenance LLC
Higher Maintenance LLC CBD Products

Read the full interview at Skunk Magazine.

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