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First plant-based food option opens at Circle Centre Mall

INDIANAPOLIS — The first and only plant-based food option opened at Circle Centre Mall today.

The Alkaline Electric Goddess is a black-owned business that was established in 2018 by Ellise “Nikki” Johnson.

Johnson was diagnosed with Lupus in 2018. She says she switched to a plant-based diet to help better manage the disease.

at Circle Centre Mall
The Alkaline Electric Goddess opens at Circle Centre Mall

“After eight months on my plant-based diet, I went to my doctor, and I no longer had the symptoms of Lupus. I’ve been off my medication for six years and I wanted to share that with the world,” Johnson said.

Johnson says she originally started The Alkaline Electric Goddess as a meal prep service to help others choose a healthier way of eating.

“Everyone started reaching out for help. I started helping people. I didn’t start this to be a business, but it just took off,” Johnson said.

The menu will be filled with a variety of vegan options, with daily specials like Taco Tuesday and Soul Food Sunday.

Johnson says not only will there be plant-based options, but alkaline food for customers who aren’t fully plant-based yet.

“It’s the same great taste, yet it’s vegan. I look forward to serving you,” Johnson said.

restaurants at Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis
The Alkaline Electric Goddess Restaurant now open

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Rosemary Peter
May 31


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