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120 Minutes (Deluxe)

120 Minutes (Deluxe)


Consulting is communication via telephone or email of your vision and goals for yourself, whether is a healing or adopting a more healthy lifestyle. I will customize a plan that works best with your busy schedule.

  • 20 Day Custom Meal Plan

    Receive a customized meal plan that works best for your lifestyle. This custom meal plan includes a Grocery List to make the plant-based or alkaline plant-based foods lifestyle more adaptable to you.
    Includes Staple Plant-Based or Alkaline

  • Includes Our Staple Recipes

    IIncluded in this package is our staple plant-based or alkaline plant-based recipes with easy to follow instructions to make your vegan or alkaline vegan lifestyle experience easier to maintain.

  • Personal Cooking Class

    This plan includes a personal cooking class that will highlight how to meal prep and consistently prepare delicious plant-based and alkaline plant-based meals.




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